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SouAccessories was founded in 2009 to provide our customers with the perfect balance of sophisticated design, exceptional quality, and perfect fit for the occasion.
With a premium blend of unique products and the flexibility of dealing with custom orders, SouAccessories is poised to delight and surprise customers with an unforgettable shopping experience. SouAccessories takes a large team of avant-garde designers and talented craftsmen, and provides a service of quality and sophistication, in order to present highly finished masterpieces to our customers.
Soumeya Nibouche is the head designer and visionary of the SouAccessories Collections. Inspired by life and fashion, Soumeya seeks to design a collection to help men and women express themselves artistically, and feel confident in every aspect of their design choices.
The SOU BIJOUX line was the result of local artisans experimenting with new designs, while bonding with the tradition and culture of their origins. The research carried out Gir Nisha is not confined to one territory or one culture, but instead takes its flavour from those countries that have managed to take the artistic aspects of their culture and then interpret them in a contemporary way.
He collection includes handmade pieces in moulds, cast bronze and brass. In some cases, these have been dipped in 24kt gold. We also use a combination of hard and semi-precious stones, glass and molten glass from Africa, brocades and embroidered silks, and hand-dyed natural, old Indian processes . The mixture of styles shows the transition and the influence of different cultures: from reproductions of ancient Roman chains, Hellenistic style earrings, to Indian influences, and traditional Afghan jewellery.
We believe that the costume jewels of today are a reflection of natural changes in taste and jewellery which are as timeless and relevant today as they were in ancient times. This combination of ancient and contemporary, folk and design, gives form to an original line to satisfy a diverse clientele. The ornament thus created is also flexible in its function and can be used for everyday use, or for that special occasion or event.

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